'new world' facebook and instagram ad strategies for ecommerce stores marketing to women and mothers

You have a profitable store and a brand that women love, EVERYONE seems to be shopping online these days, your competitors seem to be killing it, so why are you missing out on this 34% increase in online sales traffic??

The cost/benefit of social media advertising can be tricky to get right, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.  But it’s extremely profitable when you do. Now is the time to get your Facebook and Instagram ad strategy sorted out and growing your business. 

But where do you even start?

But where do you even start?

We know what to do!

As Facebook and Instagram Ad Specialists for eCommerce stores selling to women and mothers, we’ve got a tried and tested process that can turn things around in no time!

We know how to

Get new ladies to
your store

Craft messaging
that converts

Encourage women
to spend more

Get these ladies to
buy more often

We have the solution

We have helped lots of stores Achieve their Revenue Goals.
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What our clients say about us

“The Social Butterfly Agency is extremely professional, trustworthy, efficient, knowledgeable and absolute experts in their field.
They have grown my business by an average of 52%, we have seen consistent results month after month since they partnered with us.
Hannah and her team go above and beyond to understand our business and deliver outstanding results for us. She gives excellent advice and always listens to our needs. Hannah is an absolute asset to our business

Laura Natoli

Founder & Director, Very Busy Bag

How we helped Natalie's business

Case study:  how we used Facebook and Instagram ads to supercharge profits for a kids fashion and accessories eCommerce store.

From $9k pm to $50k pm in 3 months

Natalie was having trouble growing her business via organic social media. she tried to master the ad process herself but it was way too time consuming. the freelance advertiser she worked with previously didn’t seem to understand her customers so she left it on the ‘to do pile’ for way too long. her revenue stagnated while lots of other people in her niche where growing. she was referred to the social butterfly by an existing client and this is what we found:

The Problem

The Solution

The Results

In just 3 weeks they went from $9k per month in online sales to $40k per month, then $50k per month (keeping the same ad spend each month). – with an average of 9.2 x return on their ad spend!

Business Outcome

Natalie’s business now has an automated and profitable sales pipeline running 24/7. as a result she has hired 2 new staff and moved her operation to a large warehouse. with business revenue under control and natalie not needing to wear all the ‘hats’, this year she has achieved her dream of adding to her family while her business continues to thrive!

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