Women buy differently, so we market differently.

Female-focused digital marketing for successful e-commerce brands

Hit your revenue goals with an expert team of digital strategists, dedicated to harnessing the growing purchasing power of women. 

High-converting, multi-channel strategies built on data and a deep understanding of your customers, to turn your growing brand into an ecommerce powerhouse.

Custom solutions for ambitious businesses

We understand the frustration of the growth rut you’re in.  Needing more sales to buy more stock yet needing more stock to get more sales… Constantly worried you may have to promote yet ANOTHER discount.  

The pressure of juggling freight services, manufactures, suppliers and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction…it’s a lot! 

We’ve got you. 

Partner with a team who understands what you’re working with, has the experience to put your marketing budget to work and has the inside track on your ideal customers.

Tailored messaging
that speaks to women

Increased qualified traffic
to your store

Higher order values
and conversion rates

More loyal shoppers
and brand advocates

The numbers speak for themselves

numbers that speak for themselves

"Hannah and her team go above and beyond to understand our business and deliver outstanding results for us.
The Team give us excellent advice and always listen to our needs. Hannah is an absolute asset to our business "

Laura Natoli

Founder & Director, Very Busy Bag

Marketing for women, by women

Women drive the world economy – controlling an estimated $20 trillion+ in consumer spending – yet most marketing agencies haven’t a clue how to engage with us, let alone turn leads into loyal customers. 

This is our superpower!

At The Social Butterfly Agency, we understand women – the unique ways we make purchasing decisions, and the reasons why generic marketing tactics fall short. 

We understand what makes the modern female consumer tick – her problems and her priorities, her wants and her needs. How? Because we ARE HER.

We understand your business

With years of experience implementing our tried and tested digital strategies, we leverage the financial muscle of female consumers, make advertising budgets work harder and smarter, and help established e-commerce businesses amplify their impact and accelerate their growth.

So how do we deliver these AMAZING results?

Case study:  How we used Facebook and Google ads alongside Email marketing to supercharge profits for a fashion eCommerce store

From $19k to $76k pm in 3 months

Emma was having trouble growing her business past $20k per month. The marketer she was working with didn’t understand her customers, her ads were too expensive making it difficult to scale. Her revenue stagnated while her competitors were growing. She was referred to The Social Butterfly Agency by an existing client and this is what we found:

The Problem

The Solution

The Results

Emma’s business now has an automated and profitable sales pipeline running 24/7. As a result, she has hired two new staff and moved her operation to a larger 3PL warehouse…all while adding to her family!

Business Outcome

Emma’s business now has an automated and profitable sales pipeline running 24/7. As a result she has hired 2 new staff and moved her operation to a large warehouse. With business revenue under control and Emma not needing to wear all the ‘hats’, this year she has achieved her dream of adding to her family while her business continues to thrive!

Ready for the next chapter in YOUR business story?

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